Friday, 22 June 2007

John 9:14 - 16 - What Am I Seeing?


Joh 9:14-16 MSG

(14) This day when Jesus made the paste and healed his blindness was the Sabbath.
(15) The Pharisees grilled him again on how he had come to see. He said, "He put a clay paste on my eyes, and I washed, and now I see."
(16) Some of the Pharisees said, "Obviously, this man can't be from God. He doesn't keep the Sabbath." Others countered, "How can a bad man do miraculous, God-revealing things like this?" There was a split in their ranks.


Isn’t it interesting how Jesus performed this incredible miracle that the people had never witnessed before in history (see vs 32) and yet all they could see was that ‘work’ had been done on the Sabbath.

How true are the words of the proverb:

PR 11:27 (NIV) He who seeks good finds goodwill,
but evil comes to him who searches for it.

Could what we look for and therefore see become a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts?

Perhaps this is why the Christian experience is so varied… because it is determined by what we look for!


Do I look for the best in people?

Do I look for signs of blessing from a good God or do I look for ‘curses’?

Do I see the best or do I see the worst?

Do I see what God sees?


Father, would You help me to see through Your eyes.

May I search for the best… and see it in every circumstance.

Help me to see the best and not project the worst in situations. Help me to see what even others do not see. Give me Your prophetic insight into situations… like Jesus had into this blind man’s… may I see signposts of Your handiwork.

Help me to see…


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