Saturday, 30 June 2007

John 20:14 - Do You See Jesus?


Joh 20:14 MSG
(14) After she said this, she turned away and saw Jesus standing there. But she didn't recognize him.


I wonder how many times that I have not recognized Jesus?
Mary had failed to recognize Jesus in His resurrection form... but I wonder how many times I have not recognized Him in the form of other human beings?
Each human is made in the image of God... they carry something of God.
In Matt 25 we are warned that what we do and don't do to others (people who all carry God's image within them) we do or don't do it to Jesus!

Have you seen the movie Bruce Almighty? I love the different forms that God takes on... a cleaner, a bum, etc. These forms actually prevented Bruce from recognizing Him.
I wonder how many times I have just not recognized God in others...
He speaks through them, He teaches through them, He loves through them!


How can I ensure that I take in 'Jesus'?
How can I be aware of his presence in others?

First I must respect that everyone is made in God's image. Everyone therefore deserves respect, dignity and honor.

Second, I must ask Jesus to 'open' my eyes.

Third, I need to look. To pause and question what I see.


Father, help me to see You.
May I recognize You, and honor You.
Help me to see your image in others, to respect and honor that.
May I be open to your voice and instruction, to your mercy and grace from others.

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