Friday, 22 June 2007

John 10:17 - The Why Helps You What!


Joh 10:17 CEV
The Father loves me, because I give up my life, so that I may receive it back again.


The proof of Jesus’ love for the Father is seen in His obedience…
This love is reciprocated.

What most westerners focus on is the fact that Jesus had to lay down His life. We squirm at the thought of laying down our comforts on God’s alter. We will do almost anything to get out of that.

Yet Jesus focus would have been on the fact that He would then truly be able to receive life… a full abundant life…
Jesus gave up His life… so that He might have it! We focus on the loss… Jesus focused on the gain!
We see the what… Jesus focused on the why!
We kick and scream, and like Jonah we run in the opposite direction… Jesus willingly laid down His life (although it was painful and scary to do).


How do I view things?
Do I see only the what’s and miss the whys?

To what degree am I willing to lay down my life… my dreams… my ambitions …my agenda… my time, talents and treasures?


Help me! Help me, not to hold on so dearly to my life.
Help me to be obedient… and willing.
Help me to see what You see.

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